How To Easily Make Espresso Without An Espresso Machine While Traveling

If you are a coffee lover, traveling is not an excuse not to indulge in your favorite cup of coffee. As much as you may get espresso, it may not be the same as what you are used to as different cultures have different ways of doing things. Yes, it may be the same espresso but prepared differently. Also buying espresso all the time may be expensive and that money can be used in something else. In this case, making your own espresso may be a good alternative. While it may be inconvenient to travel around with your espresso machine, there are many alternative ways that you can make the espresso without the machine.  Other than the espresso machine, there are many other aspects that should be kept in mind to have the best espresso. They include:

How To Easily Make Espresso Without An Espresso Machine While Traveling
How To Easily Make Espresso Without An Espresso Machine While Traveling

Coffee beans

In order to achieve the best espresso, you need to have the right beans that have the right roast. For espresso, the beans have to be dark to give it a strong flavor. When the beans have been roasted long enough, it makes them be porous which makes them have a stronger flavor. For espresso, it is the Robusta beans that are used. Make sure that you get high-quality ones.

Espresso grind

Once you have nicely roasted beans, you will have to grind them in order to use them. They are ground into a fine powder that you will mix with water to achieve your drink. The size of the ground coffee is very important as it affects how it will be filtered. If it is very fine, then water penetration will be slow and it can also block the coffee filter.

Espresso pressure

We attain espresso by mixing coffee and water under high pressure. It is said that the average pressure is nine times more the atmospheric pressure.

In order to prepare for your trip, you need to buy the right beans that have the right roast and grind them, or alternatively go for the already ground beans.

To make espresso without an espresso machine, you will need some sort of pressure. There are several ways in which you can make without a machine and they include:

Using an AeroPress

This is whereby an AeroPress is used to create pressure. It is easy to use and takes a short time to prepare the coffee. It is great even for beginners.

Using a Moka Pot

This is whereby espresso is made in the pot and the pot helps to add water pressure and steam giving you the best espresso. If you are an avid traveler, investing in a Moka pot is a good idea as it is small, portable and convenient.

Using a French press

If you are really into coffee, you probably already have a French press which you can use to make an espresso. When compared to the two other methods, a French press espresso actually tastes better.