How To Keep Your Home Pest Free As You Travel

While you are traveling, you don’t want the feeling of having to come back to deal with pests in your home or get your house not in order because of pests. Luckily, with some tips, you can make sure that your home remains pest free even when you travel. The state of your house before you travel has a large bearing on how the house will be when you are traveling. Some of the things to do to make sure that your home is not invaded by pests while you are away including:

How To Keep Your Home Pest Free As You Travel
How To Keep Your Home Pest Free As You Travel

Seal your food well

Most pests are attracted by food since most of them feed on food. Sealing up food or storing in airtight containers will minimize the chances of pests craving into your kitchen.

Remove any wood piles or debris

Most pests such as insects like dark and moist areas especially on wood piles and debris. Therefore, make sure that there is no mulch or source of moisture around your foundation.

Seal any holes, cracks or crevices

Since you are traveling for probably sometime and you don’t want those creatures to find out their way to your house, you are better off sealing anywhere that will be the point of entry for them. While you are dealing with sealing, be sure to concentrate on areas around the sink since it is where slugs and cockroaches will find their way into your house.

Keep a clean kitchen

Most of the pests get into your house through the kitchen. Slugs, ants, cockroaches, flour moths, and rodent are all attracted by food particles. It is therefore important that you clean up any food residue. Wipe all kitchen surfaces and make sure that you empty your bin before embarking on your journey. When it is all clean and odorless, there will be nothing to attract them.

Clean your pets

If you are a pet owner, pets can be a source of pests in your home. Fleas are the most common with pests. You can clean them to make sure that fleas don’t find their way into your home. You can leave on them flea dust if you will be away for a few days.

Don’t stamp a bug

Stamping a bug may look like one of the easiest ways of killing annoying bugs. It is however not advisable to stamp them as they have eggs in them which have nymphs in them. So, stamping them still leaves the chance for the eggs to hatch. If you use an insecticide however you are sure that they are dead, nothing is left to chance.

Invest in a good vacuum

A powerful vacuum is a sure way of getting all the insects out even the very small ones like fleas and bedbugs. They can hide out anywhere and can be a real nuisance. A powerful vacuum will clear out everything including their eggs and you can be sure of a pest free home.

You should be aware that there are many new bugs out there, some that are not very well known such as the Emerald ash borer. Do not ignore any signs of pests in your home and always trust your instincts.